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15KV Arc Ignition High Voltage Inverter Step Up Boost Coil Transformer Pulse Ignition 1.4x1.4x0.7cm Lighter accessories

Price: 2.20 USD

I2C / SPI BMP280 3.3 Digital Barometric Pressure Altitude Sensor High Precision Atmospheric Module for arduino Replace BMP180

Price: 1.11 USD

2017 Hot Lysonled Hd-nt44y High Quality Yellow Color Led Name Tag,indoor Smd 44x11 Dots Rechargeable Business Card Tag

Price: 8.91 USD

50pcs free shipping AMS1117-5.0 AMS1117 5.0V 1A SOT-223 Voltage Regulato new original

Price: 1.46 USD

5PCS 34x25x12mm Heatsink Cooling Fin Aluminum Heat Sink

Price: 2.17 USD

Free shipping 50pcs 47 ohm 2W Metal film resistor

Price: 1.87 USD


Price: 23.80 USD

100PCS NTC Thermistor Resistor NTC 47D-15 47D15 Thermal Resistor Best Price

Price: 8.40 USD

TTL to RS485 Module RS485 Signal Converter 3V 5.5V Isolated Single Chip Serial Port UART Industrial Grade Module 1PC

Price: 10.18 USD

10PCS CD74HC238E DIP16 CD74HC238 74HC238 Hi-Spd CMOS 3-8 Line Decoder/Demltplxr New Original

Price: 3.56 USD

100pcs 4mm Blue Neon Light Sign Indicator 4X10mm Neon Bulbs Neon Bulb Lamp Lampada Neon-Light

Price: 12.79 USD

10PCSLOT CD4017BE CD4017 4017BE 4017 DIP16

Price: 0.60 USD

Elecrow Weight Sensor Load Cell Kits DIY Electronic Scales Weight for Arduino HX711 Amplifier Low Standby Current

Price: 11.99 USD

One set UNO R3 MEGA328P ATMEGA16U2 for Arduino Compatible

Price: 5.05 USD

1pcs HL-340 New USB to RS232 COM Port Serial PDA 9 pin DB9 Adapter support Windows7-64

Price: 1.06 USD